Cousins Chad and Seth are joined by their British buddy, Craig, well known as @thechristmasguy365 from across the pond.

Together, they embark on a side-splitting exploration of the quirky and charming differences between American and British Christmas traditions.


As Seth, our resident holiday rookie, navigates the labyrinth of UK festivities, you’ll witness his comical journey through a maze of mince pies, Christmas crackers, and peculiar customs that might just leave him a little… befuddled.


Through Cragi’s expert guidance, we’ll unravel the mysteries behind these festive rituals, ensuring Seth doesn’t wind up lost in the land of UK Yuletide Traditions. It’s all in good fun, but beware of the mince pie overdose and the unexpected “snap” of those Christmas crackers!


So, grab your favorite Christmas brew, be it mulled wine or hot cocoa, and join us for a delightful and enlightening holiday romp.



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Author: Christmas Cousins Pod

Christmas Across the Pond: Comparing UK & US Traditions w/@thechristmasguy365!

Christmas Cousins

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