No poinsettias? Christmas Cookies not that big of a deal? 1st ever Trip to Target? We cover a lot of fascinating ground in our latest episode where the Christmas Cousins are joined by the ever-entertaining and informative Craig, aka @thechristmasguy365 live from the countryside in Shropshire, England!


In this festive episode, Craig shares his whirlwind adventure across the pond to the United States right at the kickoff of the holiday season.


From his family’s first ever trip to Target, to seeing oversized yet dazzling decorations to American holiday traditions, join the cousins and Craig as they explore how the holiday spirit spreads its magic in the English countryside.


Discover the day-to-day delights, the unique experiences, and, of course, the surprises that only a Christmas enthusiast like Craig could uncover. And as the cousins delve into Craig’s Christmas Eve and Christmas Day traditions, get ready for a merry blend of laughter, cultural comparisons, and heartwarming stories that will make your season even brighter.

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Author: Christmas Cousins Pod
Title: Christmas in the English Countryside and a first ever trip to Target? What an epsiode!!!
Christmas Cousins

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