What’s up, dudes? Christmas Podcast Day 2023 is fast approaching! That’s right! This November 1st you’ll be able to listen to an entire Band Aid super group’s worth of Christmas podcasts! The theme is the Charles Dickens masterpiece “A Christmas Carol!” You’ll hear about movies, tv show episodes, music, games, radio plays, and anything else you can imagine all on November 1st! Make sure to check out Christmaspodcasts.com to listen to all the amazing episodes and start your season right! It’s #ChristmasPodcastDay this November 1st!

After Halloween is done
It’s time to start the Christmas fun
Yes my friends it’s Christmas podcast day

November 1st is the day you need
To check your favorite podcast feed
And join the fun on Christmas podcast day

All your favorite Christmas shows
Are releasing brand new episodes
Some may say that it’s too soon
But they’re lucky we don’t do it in June.

So come along and have a laugh
As we talk carols, films, and crafts
And other things from the merriest holiday
Fa la la la it’s Christmas podcast day

There are so many Christmas shows
Some you might not even know
You might a new favorite
And take some time to savor it

So listen on your computer or phone
At work the gym commuting or home.
A new tradition that is here to stay
Tell everyone it’s Christmas podcast
Join in the fun on Christmas podcast
Download every one on Christmas podcast day
Get in the sleigh, it’s Christmas podcast day!

Lyrics by Tim Babb
Music by Al Yankovic
Vocals by Tim Babb and Gerry D

Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Totally Rad Christmas Mall & Arcade, Teepublic.com, or TotallyRadChristmas.com! Later, dudes!

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Author: Gerry D / Tim Babb, Christmas Podcast Network
Title: Christmas Podcast Day is Coming!

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