Christmas Podding

This is Christmas Poddings 12 Days of Christmas Podcasts. A Podcast a day every day from now till Christmas Day.

Today we discover exactly how much you should spend on gifts, and you may be surprised at the exact figures we uncovered.

Every family has a HOST HOG, that person who just wont give up hosting Christmas Day, what to do when you want a turn? We have your top tips on navigagting through a tricky situation plus

Does anyone actually go Christmas Caroling anymore? We dont in Australia, but we discover if its still a thing?

Make sure you check out Christmas Poddings Spotify Playlist. We have all the best Christmas Classics in one place for you to enjoy and share with your family. (Link Below)

All part of Christmas Poddings 12 days of Christmas Poddings Podcasts, counting down to the big day with Liam and Ness on Christmas Podding.

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Author: Liam Renton
Title: Christmas Podding -How to combat Host Hogs, the relatives who wont allow others to host Christmas Day.
Christmas Podding

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