Christmas Podding

Welcome to the launch of SEASON 7 on Australia’s ONLY Christmas Podcast, Christmas Podding. For the past seven years your hosts Liam Renton and Vanessa Gibson have talked all things Christmas and we are proud to be back with a brand new season. Even if it is January.

This week we look back on what appeared to be a pretty good Christmas 2023 and see what we learnt, did well and would never do again.

We’re jumping head first into the Quality Streets Christmas Scandal. Should big business be allowed to mess with decades of tradition to save a little money. We’ll unpack the changes Quality Streets have made to a family favourite and the impact it may have on future Christmas’s  plus

We look at what Christmas themed goodies we bought in the post Christmas Madness and decide what was a clever future Christmas purchase and what was an absolute waste of Christmas coin.

Tell your friends who are as crazy about Christmas as we are, that there’s a podcast back and talking about Christmas ALL YEAR LONG.

On Australia’s ONLY Christmas Podcast, Christmas Podding.

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Author: Liam Renton
Title: Christmas Podding -Season 7 Launch. The Quality Streets Christmas Scandal
Christmas Podding

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