Christmas Podding

This is Christmas Poddings 12 Days of Christmas Podcasts. A Podcast a day every day from now till Christmas Day.

Today we ask what is the absolute best time to serve up the annual Festive Feast, 12pm, 3pm or 7pm? Why the time of day you eat really does matter for optimum seasonal enjoyment?

We think Christmas Eve could quite possibly be the most underutilized day of the season and we have the best ideas you can use to turn it into something special plus

How are you serving up your favourite Chrissy Classics this year? You wont believe the difference playing off vinyl will make to your happiness, we explain how

Make sure you check out Christmas Poddings Spotify Playlist. We have all the best Christmas Classics in one place for you to enjoy and share with your family. (Link Below)

All part of Christmas Poddings 12 days of Christmas Poddings Podcasts, counting down to the big day with Liam and Ness on Christmas Podding.

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Author: Liam Renton
Title: Christmas Podding – Why Christmas Eve is the most Underutilized Day on the Festive Calendar.
Christmas Podding

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