Christmas Podding

Today on  Christmas Poddings 12 Days of Christmas Podcasts we give you every reason you’ll ever need to change your mind and hold off proposing on Christmas. Why Proposing is a definite Festive NO NO.

We discover why buying second hand gifts could be a great idea this year plus

We ask the question has our Christmas tastes changed over the years. Do you love the same things year in year out or have our tastes and traditions matured ?

Make sure you check out Christmas Poddings Spotify Playlist. We have all the best Christmas Classics in one place for you to enjoy and share with your family. (Link Below)

All part of Christmas Poddings 12 days of Christmas Poddings Podcasts, counting down to the big day with Liam and Ness on Christmas Podding.

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Author: Liam Renton
Title: Christmas Podding – Why you should NEVER EVER Propose at Christmas.
Christmas Podding

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