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Christmas with a Prince, feat. Jacob Erdman - The Book was Spicier
We have guest Jacob Erdman from 970Comedy as our guest this episode. Oh boy was this a doozy of a movie. Like a lot of these movies, it was based off a book, which Holli read 72% of. Join us as we dish about the stars of the movie, we metaphorically rip the fashion to shreds, and see if you agree with how not great this movie is… but we still want to see the sequel. If you want to find ways to support our awesome guest, Jacob Erdman, here’s where you can find him:Facebook  InstagramTwitter Snapchat: @970Comedyprobably real soon tiktok: @970Comedy 

Disclaimer: This podcast contains spoilers and swears.

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Author: netflixmaspodcast
Title: Christmas with a Prince, feat. Jacob Erdman – The Book was Spicier
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