Where to even start with this episode?


The idea was to have our most frequent guest & good friend of the show, Joe, the Christmas Aficianado (find him on YouTube and Instagram @christmasaficianado) to discuss the classic, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”…and we do…buuuuut…


Not before we get completely derailed by the mind-blowing revelation that Cousin Seth discovers-LIVE on-air -the name of a tattoo that he has had for decades.


It is hard to even put into words. A MUST listen. An Instant classic.


GO ahead, enjoy and, as they say, you can’t script this!


We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments as well-





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Author: Christmas Cousins Pod

Cousin Seth learns about his OWN tattoo & “A Charlie Brown Christmas” w/Joe, the Christmas Aficionado!

Christmas Cousins

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