On this episode, we’re going to do something a little different and tell you the true story of the playing cards that saved Christmas. We’ll also learn how to make marshmallow popcorn balls, countdown the top 5 Christmas related things to look for when buying a house, and we’ve got lots of your interesting Christmas trivia in another round of Seasons Musings.

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00:00 – 01:47 Intro
01:47 – 03:50 We Need a Little Christmas Now
03:50 – 08:22 Five Golden Things (Christmas related things to look for when buying a house)
08:22 – 13:49 The Cards That Saved Christmas
13:49 – 25:11 Season’s Musings
25:11 – 27:48 Wrap Up
27:48 – 29:34 Outtakes

“We Wish You A Merry Christmas” United States Marine Band
“Jingle Bells” Performed by Kristen Nowicki

(The embedded player for the episode is bellow the links)

Mallow Popcorn Balls Recipe

Bicycle Cards’ Blog about the Playing Cards That Saved Christmas

Tim on the Christmas Clatter Podcast

Tim Reading “Another Christmas Story” on Tis the Podcast

Season’s Eatings podcast

Listen to this episode of the Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast
Author: Tim Babb
Title: CWFC 083 – The Cards That Saved Christmas

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