Join the Christmas Cousins as they embark on a taste bud adventure with Cousin Seth’s inaugural Trader Joe’s Holiday Food Haul!

In this merry episode, our festive freshman dives into the world of festive treats, trying holiday-themed goodies he once overlooked. From seasonal snacks to winter-inspired delights, the cousins explore Trader Joe’s festive lineup and share their candid reactions.

Discover whether Cousin Seth’s taste buds have evolved with his newfound appreciation for all things Christmas. Will he find a new holiday favorite, or are some traditions best left untouched?

Tune in for laughter, surprises, and the joy of experiencing holiday flavors through the eyes (and taste buds) of a true festive freshman.

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Deck the ”Hauls”: Cousin Seth’s Debut into Trader Joe’s Holiday Delights, Haul and Tasting!

Christmas Cousins

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