What’s up, dudes? Remember Dumbo? Well, he had an early Disney Channel Show, and I’ve got Mike Westfall from Advent Calendar House and Thom Crowe from ‘Tis the Podcast with me to break down the (quasi-) Halloween episode! Yes, it’s “Dumbo’s Circus!” Dumbo and friends get into a spooky mood!

Lionel, dressed in a Cobra Kai skeleton costume, surprises Dumbo and Sebastian while they’re doing chores. The creepy attire spurs Dumbo and gang to put on a spooky circus show. Meanwhile, Rinkum and Barnaby are delivering a package and get lost in the woods when their package rolls down a hill.  All the friends put on monster costumes, including a vampire, Jacob Marley Ninja Turtle, banana sheet ghost, and Hamburglar witch. They break up into pairs to head into the deep, dark woods to get supplies for their performance. Barnaby and Rinkum happen upon several of the friends in their macabre garb and are frightened, until they realize the spooks are merely Dumbo et al. After joining them, they do a Thriller  dance to end the show!

Spooky costumes? Check. Misunderstanding? Yep. Blatant ripoff of Michael Jackson? Definitely! So grab your costume, put on your chains, and dance along to this episode all about “Dumbo’s Circus!”

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Author: Gerry D / Mike Westfall, Thom Crowe

Dumbo’s Circus (w/ Mike and Thom)

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