North Pole Podcast

Elf vacations happen a lot during the months of May and June, and this is the newest topic of the North Pole Podcast with Elves Frank and Crash.

Between now and Leon Day (June 25th) a lot of elves head out to find fun and recreation. What do they do? Well, the same things you do on vacation.

Unless your name is Elf Crash Murphy. He does something really weird. Well, at least this year he does. Crash talks all about mud wrestling in this episode of the North Pole Podcast.

Crash also explains the different phases of the year at the North Pole. Once this elf vacation period is over we move on to Christmas in July – and this year the events for July will be epic.

Also in this episode we explore a little bit about new jobs that are available for elves. Crash talks about a new endeavor and he encourages Elf Frank to try something new as well.

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Author: Santa Update
Title: Elf Vacations

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