What’s up, dudes? Captain’s Log. Stardate 1987.9. A delegation of Creeg from North Pole Radio is here on a diplomatic mission. Santa Ambassador Matt Spaulding is leading the discussions, and we hope to settle the question of the entity we encountered en route to Syntagus Theluv. That’s right! We’re talking Star Trek! We mention the Next Gen episode “Devil’s Due,” but we really get into issue #2 of the 1988 DC comic miniseries! Space Grinch? Yup. Santa entity? Of course. “Shut up, Wesley” moment? Just about! So grab your tricorder, beam down to your favorite spot, and scout out this episode!

North Pole Radio

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Author: Gerry D / Matt Spaulding
Title: Star Trek: The Next Generation (w/ Matt Spaulding)

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