Last week we pit the original Home Alone against its 2021 remake. Of course the remake didn’t hold a candle to the original, but there is still a bit of unfinished business we need to discuss.

On this podcast, we attempt to rank all of the traps from both films. First we rank all the traps in the original Home Alone. Then we do the same for Home Sweet Home Alone. How does the iron to Marv’s face stack up against the blowtorch to Harry’s head? A billiards ball to the face vs a barrage of thumb tacks to the face; which is worse?

This episode attempts to answer these questions, and more!

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INTRO/OUTRO: “Christmas All Alone” by Candlegravity

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Author: Christmas Creeps
Title: Episode 126-B: Ranking the Home Alone Traps
Christmas Creeps

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