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This week, the elves are joined by longtime listener Manny Torres, of the brand new Christmas podcast Feliz Christmas, Merry Navidad, to discuss the 2004 holiday, romantic-comedy, Surviving Christmas! Where do the hosts and their guest fall when it comes to this infamous movie? Well, one elf may end up surprising you! In addition to discussing what three-of-the-four hosts call a “travesty”, they reveal their personal wishlist of directors they’d like to see direct a holiday movie and pose a question to the listeners to answer before recording next week’s episode, courtesy of “GaryBlauman” on Reddit: “Why do you think blockbuster Christmas movies have not really been the norm as of late?” So settle in with your favorite pumpkin-flavored drink, open those windows and allow that Autumn breeze to wash over you, take joy in the fact that we are officially heading into October, and enjoy this episode which is far more entertaining than the movie discussed within it! 

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Author: Anthony
Title: Episode 166: Welcome Home, Son.
Tis the Podcast

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