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Friends of Christmas Podcasts
Friends of Christmas Podcasts
Episode 167: The Coca-Cola Santa Is Just A Hoax.

This week, Julia, Thom, and Anthony are so excited to be joined by our friends Ron (a.k.a. President Hotdog) and Jay from Flimstrip Podcast! What could bring these two great shows together? The 2003 Finnish film,  Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. Now, we do have a few disclaimers:

1). The content in this movie is not suitable for young ones and neither is this episode – the humor gets to be somewhat sophomoric.

2). In an abundance of excitement over guests joining us, the elves may digress a bit more than usual.

We love this episode, and you will too, but please, don’t listen with little ones near! So plug those earphones in while they’re virtually schooling, grab your favorite holiday-themed beverage, sit back, and enjoy this fun episode! Have a great week!

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Author: Anthony
Title: Episode 167: The Coca-Cola Santa Is Just A Hoax.

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