What’s up dudes? Adam Pope from Wizards! The Podcast Guide to Comics and The Retro Network (Geekster) and William Bruce West from Remember That Show? and West Week Ever are here with me to talk all about the sitcom E/R! Is it a comedy? Is it a drama? Why is George Clooney here?

It’s Christmas Eve in the E/R, and the staff is almost finished working their shifts. Unfortunately, a big blizzard prevents their replacements from relieving them. It doesn’t help that Dr. Sheinfeld’s daughter is missing and that MTV VJ Martha Quinn walks in with hurt ribs. Jenny finally shows up with news that her mother, Sheinfeld’s ex, is remarrying. One injured paramedic later, and they agree to talk it over later.

Nurse Julie also is trying to ditch the E/R to get to her hot date at The Galaxy. Dr. Sheridan fires her for trying to get out of work. Martha Quinn is ready to be discharged and agrees to meet Jenny. Unfortunately, with Clooney’s Ace around, Jenny’s 15yro hormones take over and she ignores Martha. Julie sprains her ankle and Sheridan rehires her. All’s well that ends well.

Wreaths and trees? Yep, in the background. Hanukkah presents? Yep, meeting Martha Quinn. Fixing parking tickets? Well, you can ask, but Fred won’t do it. So grab your stethoscope, put on your warm clothes, and work your shift to this episode!

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Author: Gerry D / Adam Pope, William Bruce West
Title: E/R (w/ Adam and William)

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