What’s up, dudes? If you can find the images hidden in this episode, then you can win big prizes! I’ve got Mike Westfall of  Advent Calendar House and Chad Young from Horror Movie BBQ here with me to all about “Finders Keepers!” Yes, the Wesley Eure led game show pit two teams against each other as they found hidden objects and caused chaos!


In the first 1987 episode, red team and blue team content with an image of a bear dressed in a Santa costume stuck in a chimney. Blue team pulls away with an early lead and searches three rooms to the red team’s one. In the second round, both teams search an image of skateboarder for hidden items. Again, blue team dominates and earns the right to search 3 rooms compared the red team’s one. Blue team wins and runs the Room to Room Romp, which takes the form of the twelve days of Christmas. Unfortunately, they come up short.

In the second episode, the two opposing teams must discover the hidden objects within an image of an oversized Hanukkah dreidel. Both red and blue teams get to search two rooms. The second image is the announcer Harvey in a Santa suit. The blue team earns the right to search one room while the red team gets to search two. The red team finds the secret room and wins a trip to Disney World. They lose the final round, however.

Santa Bear? Yup. Obstacle helmets? Check. Hanukkah tie in? Only if it’s hidden under a latke. So put on your helmet, grab your light pen, and circle the object to this episode on “Finders Keepers!”

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Author: Gerry D / Mike Westfall, Chad Young
Title: Finders Keepers (w/ Mike and Chad)

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