What’s up, dudes? I’ve got Mike Westfall from Advent Calendar House, Chad Young from Horror Movie BBQ, and Tommy Coombs the Pop Daddy here to talk about the Christmas episodes of the 1988 syndicated game show “Funhouse!” Hosted by JD Roth, two teams competed in Christmas themed stunts for the opportunity to run through the Funhouse to win ultimate prizes!

The season 1 episode sees the red team face the gold team by making snowman, hanging ornaments, and stuffing presents in Santa’s bag. In the Grand Prix race, they alternate pushing Santa’s sleigh. The red team, having defeated the gold, run through the Funhouse and earn a bevy of prizes!

In the 1989 season 2 Christmas episode, the stunts were even wackier! The boys tossed reindeer noses to the girls to put on audience members! They spun a giant dreidel for candy and even matched ornament halves “I Love Lucy”-style! The Grand Prix had each team deliver presents to children of the world as Santa and Mrs. Claus! The red team emerged victorious and ran through the Funhouse for some great gifts and cash!

Schmutz? Check. Zany stunts? Uh huh. World’s worst Santa beard? Looking at you, JD! So grab your British Knights, collect the blue and white tokens, and try to win with this episode on Funhouse Christmas!

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Author: Gerry D / Mike Westfall, Tommy Coombs, Chad Young

Funhouse (w/ Mike, Tommy & Chad)

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