Welcome back to the Christmas Cousins Podcast, your global ticket to the world’s most exciting and interesting holiday traditions.
This time around, we’re delving deeper into the cultural tapestry of festivities worldwide. Cousin Seth’s journey of discovery continues, as he explores two fascinating holiday customs with an open heart, a dash of humor, and a willingness to embrace the joyous spirit of the season.In Italy, we uncover the enchanting story of La Befana, a character so unique that even Santa might get a bit envious. Then, we jet off to Colombia, where the warm and luminous Día de las Velitas lights up the holiday season with its delightful traditions.
Our podcast is not just about sharing these customs; it’s about celebrating the rich diversity of the holiday season across the globe. Seth’s experiences have enriched the show, making us laugh, marvel, and sometimes raise an eyebrow.

As we unravel these delightful traditions, we’re reminded of the universal spirit of celebration, no matter where you find yourself in the world.

So, prepare to be entertained and enlightened as we journey through the magic of global holiday traditions. There’s no doubt that our unique blend of humor and heartwarming insights will make you appreciate the joy of the season even more.”

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Author: Christmas Cousins Pod
Title: Global Holiday Traditions Redux: Round Two Revelations
Christmas Cousins

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