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Great Christmas podcasts are made of one very simple ingredient: love.

That is the conclusion of two very different podcasts we feature in this episode.

One is two years old and has published dozens of episodes. The other is brand new, only weeks old.

Yet the commonality in their creation and the motivation for bringing it all online is surprisingly the same. In fact, we have found this in nearly every other podcast we have featured and we claim the very same for our own.

In this merry episode we talk with Rikki Meece of the Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe Christmas Podcast, a general Christmas podcast that dives deep into just about any Christmas subject. In a world of specialized Christmas podcasts Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe dares to cover it all.

We discuss with Rikki how her background in radio influences the creation and production of SBMX and how she manages to cover even more of the broad topics of Christmas by expanding the podcast’s presence on social media.

We also talk with Mark and Doug of the brand new Eggnogs and Yulelogs podcast, which has only been online just the past few weeks.

These creative guys have decided to cover the already-covered topic of Hallmark movies. But they do it with their own creative take – and, well, you just have to hear them explain it. They are fun, they are entertaining and they bring a lot of Christmas cheer.

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Author: Merry Podcast
Title: Great Christmas Podcasts, Part 2 – Finding the Christmas in Christmas Podcasts

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