Welcome back Christmas Cousins to an episode too momentous to be contained within one episode so we are releasing it in two parts!


Part One kicks off with our special guest, Joe, the Christmas Aficianado ( on YouTube and IG @Christmasaficianado) where he surprises the Christmas Cousins by tasting-LIVE on-air-eggnog for the FIRST time ever!!! How does he fare? Love it? Hate it? Did he hold up better than Cousin Seth during his tasting?


Then we move on to our rankings…Joe and Cousin Chad rank their top 5 best and top 5 worst Countdown to Christmas movies of the year, while Cousin Seth gives us his rankings of the 15 Hallmark movies he watched this year.


The second part will be airing in a few days with the remainder of the rankings.


For now, enjoy the first part, which many are calling “the most important first part of a podcast to ever be recorded. Ever”.


What are your thoughts?

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Hallmark 2023 Countdown to Christmas Rankings Part 1 with guest Joe the Christmas Aficionado (and Joe’s 1st ever eggnog tasting!)!

Christmas Cousins

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