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It’s 1996, and we’re holding our football-shaped heads high on a quest to find our neighbor’s long-lost daughter… but first, a pair of highly sought after Nancy Spumoni snow boots. Join us for a very special Christmas episode that solidified Hey Arnold! as an unforgettable Nicktoon.

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🎙 Guests:

• Anthony Caruso (@ACaruso929) from Tis the Podcast.

• Matt Eurich (@MattEurich) from TGI Podcast.


💬 Topics & Tangents:

The story behind the iconic Vietnam Episode of ‘Hey Arnold!’ (NBC News, 2021).

• Arnold’s Claymation origins: Arnold Escapes from Church, 1988.

Arnold Uses His Imagination on Sesame Street.

Helga in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

• The “Pollyanna,” Philadelphia’s hyper-local Secret Santa.

Mr. Hyunh’s banana wallpaper.

• Mr. Hyunh’s flashback includes the iconic helicopter image from the Fall of Saigon.

One-Legged Bob, the Affable Railroad Tramp.

• Hey, grown-ups, remember dot matrix printers?

Hiep Thi Le’s life could’ve been a movie; instead the refugee became a star playing someone else (Los Angeles Times, 2018).


📼 Retro Commercial Break:

Talkboy Voice Recorder from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.


Hey Arnold! and Arnold’s Christmas © 1996 Viacom International, Inc.

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Title: Hey Arnold!: Arnold’s Christmas

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