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It’s 1990, and we’re looking a gift horse in the mouth. Join us on a wild ride to the Bar None Ranch for a Very Special Episode™ of Nickelodeon’s Hey Dude disguised as a barely festive Christmas in July special.

WARNING: This episode contains Santa spoilers from 27:07 to 28:58.


🎙 Guest:

Justin O’Connor (@jm_oconnor).


💬 Topics & Tangents:

1. An ode to our childhood friends who lied about having an Uncle Who Worked For Nintendo.

2. Hey Dude Reviewed’s episode rankings and review of Ride, She Said.

3. Kelly Brown (Brad) in Danger Zone 4: Mad Girls, Bad Girls (NSFW).

4. Kelly Brown’s boutique on Long Island.

5. Christine Taylor (Melody) in Showdown.

6. Susan Sindelar (Cindy) in the background of a fight scene in Smokey and the Bandit.

6. TROT (Therapeutic Riding of Tucson) is a real place.

7. The Hey Dude set is still somewhat standing in a secluded area of another, actual ranch.

8. The Hangin’ Out Gang.

9. The Huron Carol, believed to be the oldest North American Christmas carol, was written in an indigenous language.

10. The poster for Miracle on 34th Street gives no indication that it’s a Christmas movie.

10 . You know what? I’ll just let y’all search for “star registry” on your own if you want to actually look naming a star after someone.


📼 Retro Commercial Break:

California Games for Nintendo, 1987.


🎤 And Now, These Messages:

Christmas Creeps, keeping the Christmas spirit alive year-round through the magic of terrible holiday films.


“Hey Dude” and “Ride She Said” © 1990 MTV Networks.

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Title: Hey Dude: Ride, She Said

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