Step into the enchanting world of Hynies as we embark on a special Hynie-thon week with the delightful Cousin Carly!

Carly gives us the background and info on what it means to be part of the passionate community surrounding Hallmark star Tyler Hynes.

We dive deep into Hynes’ impact on fans and explore the incredible bond that has formed among Hynies worldwide. From conventions to staying connecting and, of course, the Boot Shot Tradition, we uncover the heartwarming stories and shared experiences that make the Hynie community so unique.

Get ready for laughs, insights, and a celebration of the genuine connection between fans and the artist they adore.

A true celebration of fandom, friendship, and all things Hynes!

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Author: Christmas Cousins Pod
Title: Hynie-thon 2024, Day 3: Interview with a Hynie!
Christmas Cousins

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