What’s up, dudes? Bob Baker from Festive Foreign Film Fans and I talk all about the 1984 French filmJ’ai Rencontré le Père Noël” (“I Believe in Santa Claus”)! It’s a bizarre tale with Santa, a fairy, an ogre, and warlords.

Simon is a young boy, bullied at school by peers and adults alike. His parents have been taken hostage in Africa, and the government has not responded to the ultimatum set by the warlord. While on a field trip to the local airport, Simon and his friend Élodie sneak onto a plane and fly to Rovaniemi to seek out Santa in Lapland. Simon wants to ask him to save his parents.

The two children arrive safely to travel to Lapland where Santa saves them from being frozen to death. Santa and the fairy teleport to Africa near the village where the parents are being held.  The children, back at the North Pole, unfortunately wander into the forest and are taken by an ogre. After rescuing the parents, Santa and the fairy free the children. Finally the two children are returned home and rushed to the Christmas Midnight Mass.  No one seems really surprised at their reappearance after their prolonged absence. On Christmas morning, Simon is reunited with his folks!

Santa’s workshop? Check. Evil ogre? That’s in there. A Christmas fairy who’s secretly the children’s teacher? Only if it’s Karen Cheryl! So grab your magic wand. Hop on Santa’s sleigh, and fly home with this episode on “J’ai Rencontré le Père Noël” (“I Believe in Santa Claus”)!

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Author: Gerry D / Bob Baker
Title: I Believe in Santa Claus (w/ Bob Baker)

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