What’s up, dudes? I’ve got my bud Vinnie Brezinsky from Huey and Bax here with me to talk about the Christmas episode of the game show “I’m Telling!”  It aired on Saturday mornings on NBC from September 12, 1987 to March 5, 1988  and was hosted by Laurie Faso. It’s basically a kid version of The Newlywed Game.

The game consists of three teams, each a brother/sister combination. First the boys are taken to the Isolation Zone while the host asks the girls three questions. When the boys return, they give their answers to the questions. If they match correctly, they win points. The roles are then reversed, and once again the teams win points by matching answers. The team with the most points wins.

The winning team then selects prizes in the Pick-a-Prize Arcade that they believe their partner will choose. If they guess correctly, they get the prize. If they can guess 10 matches, they win all 20 prizes!

Newlywed Game knockoff? Yep. Sibling quarrels? Mmhmm. Neon transporter beams? Definitely! So grab your sibling, pick your prizes, and run to this episode all about “I’m Telling!”

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Author: Gerry D / Vinnie Brezinsky
Title: I’m Telling! (w/ Vinnie Brezinsky)

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