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By Jeff Westover of and The Merry Little Podcast

The Bugle of ChristmasPodcasts.comChristmas Podcasts is pleased to announce the opening of their news blog called The Bugle.

Not to toot our own horn, so to speak, but The Bugle is born of the idea that not everything in Christmas podcasting has to be voiced. We can still convey our thoughts of both Christmas and podcasting in the written word.

In fact, we are encouraging all Christmas podcasters out there to scratch out a post or two now and then. We know that many Christmas podcasters don’t even have blog spaces to call their own. So we’re offering ours.

Plus we know there are bound to be Christmas thoughts that just are never going to fit within the confines of even the best Christmas podcast. Now we have a way to get that out there.

And getting it out there is what The Bugle is all about — blaring Christmas here, on social media, on The Merry Forums of MyMerryChristmas and wherever else we can get folks to link to it.

You see, sometimes Christmas stuff is going to come up when you least expect it.

For example, this week, during the rancid political debates of the 2020 presidential campaign the so-called War on Christmas — all but declared dead just a few years ago — has flared to life over the controversy of mail-in voting.

Here’s the fear: Post Offices have already slacked in their deliveries in 2020, as most businesses have, due to Covid-19.

But the back-and-forth of the political parties relative to the post office allegedly destroying sorting equipment, cutting back on staff or losing funding has all brought into question the ability to deliver Christmas cards and packages this Christmas. It’s a WAR ON CHRISTMAS cry far from the usual and brought forward by the different parties (as if they really care about Christmas, right?).

Well, we gotta talk about this.

Regardless of what the politics are and who you believe (which is not what this post is about and it is not somewhere we really want to go) if you use the mail to do any of your Christmas this affects you.

What about letters to Santa, fer crying out loud? I mean, look at this:

War on Christmas


This is really bumming some people out – even more than the ugly election ever could.

Well now, I’m not going to fit this into one of my podcasts. First of all, it’s too depressing. Second of all, why?

But I’m not afraid to spew here about it.

I’m a big user of the mails for spreading Christmas cheer. Of course, we manage a few active Christmas exchanges at that depend on the mail. And of course, especially in this year of Covid, we’re all using e-commerce to buy soap, food, and, oh yeah, everything Christmas.

Isn’t it odd that the convenience of online shopping has all of a sudden become a giant inconvenience due to the force of Covid?

I don’t know about you but my average Amazon Prime order that is supposed to come in two days is taking now about a week. (And that’s a big improvement over earlier this year). So for Christmas, I have to buy and ship earlier.

Now I have to revise this year again.

Not sure I’m up to licking stamps in October, if you know what I mean.

What does this Christmas dilemma have to do with Christmas podcasts? I haven’t the foggiest, Rudolph. But I can tell you that Tim Babb did an episode in honor of the USPS. So don’t tell me the Christmas podcasting community isn’t in touch.

What are you going to do? What’s your plan? How do you see this all panning out?

Please leave your comments or thoughts below.

We can do that at The Bugle. Isn’t the written word wonderful?

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