What’s up, dudes? Ed Daly, author of The Christmas Book: The Ultimate Guide to Your Favorite Holiday, and I take a dive into a Showtime TV show. It’s Gary Shandling’s Christmas Show!

After a brief monologue, Gary hosts a big Christmas party for his friends and family. His mother arrives and gifts him his father’s old pocket watch. One by one, guests begin to leave until Gary is left alone. As he cleans up, he discovers the watch is missing! In a panic, he heads to his sister’s place to confront her boyfriend about taking the watch. Of course, he vehemently denies taking it. On his way back home, he meets his mother who confesses to taking the watch back in a moment of weakness and sentimentality. Unfortunately, Santa Claus breaks up the emotional moment telling Gary that he slipped down his chimney and twisted his ankle. Gary wishes for a triumphant success of a Christmas party, which Santa obliges. Gary then offers to finish delivering presents.

Popcorn garland? Check. Skating snowman? Weird, but yes. Tom Petty in a Christmas sweater and part of a vocal ensemble? Only because Springsteen wouldn’t wear one! So grab your pocket watch, strap yourself into your chair, and turn the place upside down for this episode about Gary Shandling’s Christmas Show!

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Author: Gerry D / Ed Daly
Title: It’s Gary Shandling’s Christmas Show (w/ Ed Daly)

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