What’s up, dudes? Shopping for toys should be one of the JOYS OF CHRISTMAS! That’s right! I’ve got Nicholas Pepin of Pop Culture Roulette and Santa Ambassador Matt Spaulding from  North Pole Radio here to talk all about Kay·Bee Toy & Hobby Shops, known later as KB Toys!

It was the toy store in the mall, and we loved it!  When mom and dad went to check out the deals on new appliances at Sears, we checked out the aisles full of action figures and playsets! Fully stocked shelves and NES games behind the counter, Kay·Bee took our fun seriously! And they definitely never treated us like a grinch!

It gave us good service, good prices, good selection, and convenient locations in shopping malls across the country. Billed as full-time, year-round toy specialists, they had large selections in all categories. They were fully stocked with an immense variety of toys, dolls, games, hobbies, HO trains, road racing, doll house miniatures, and much, much more! In fact, you could even pick up these items in they’re “what Santa forgot” after Christmas sales!

As well, they wanted us to be around after the holidays (presumably to buy more toys, of course).

G.I.Joes? Check. Garbage Pail Kids? By the register. Puppets in their commercials? Definitely! So call up your crew, head to the mall, and hang out in this episode!

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Author: Gerry D / Nicholas Pepin, Matt Spaulding
Title: Kay·Bee Toys (w/ Nicholas and Matt)

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