What’s up, dudes? It’s a St. Patrick’s Day Christmas when Shawn Robare from Cult Film Club, Crestwood House, and Plastic Rocket Pop and I talk the 1981 Rankin Bass special “The Leprechaun’s Christmas Gold!” Written by Romeo Muller, it was originally conceived as a St. Patrick’s Day special, but was retooled and released in December instead. Oh, and the word Christmas is just thrown into random sentences.

One hundred years ago, two leprechaun clans existed. Their gold, unfortunately, attracted the banshee Old Mag the Hag, who used her shapeshifting abilities to cause a rift between the clans. Blarney Kilakilarney, leader of the gold-mining faction, asks Patrick, Lord of the Leprechauns for help. Subsequently, he tricks Mag into turning to tears, and Blarney plants a pine cone atop her puddle. The pine cone, taken from a tree planted by St. Patrick himself, grows into a beautiful tree. Meanwhile, present day sailor Dinty Doyle chops down the tree to use for Christmas. The oblivious boy accidentally releases the banshee, who immediately resumes her quest for gold. Consequently, Blarney gives the gold to Dinty, who is almost instantly tricked by the banshee into giving it to her. Luckily, she doesn’t reach it by Christmas morning and turns to tears! Weird, right?!

Powerful leprechaun wizard lord? Check. Weather controlling shape shifting banshee? Got it. Brightly colored clogs made by the O’Clogjiggers? Yes, but only if they can be distributed amongst the Irish people! So grab your gold, dig up your Christmas tree, and sail into this episode on “The Leprechaun’s Christmas Gold!”

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Author: Gerry D / Shawn Robare

The Leprechaun’s Christmas Gold (w/ Shawn Robare)

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