What’s up, dudes? There are a lot of classic Christmas commercials! They’ve shaped our perception of the Christmas season since we were little. Vinnie Brezinsky from Huey and Bax and Nicholas Pepin of Pop Culture Roulette join me live to watch some lesser known ‘80s Christmas commercials!

Cool Spot rides a toy fire truck in a 1988 7Up commercial. Young versions of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lea Thompson, and Elizabeth Shue regale us with carols in a 1982 Burger King commercial. Oh yeah, McDonald’s sued Burger King because of it as well. Meanwhile, Joey is making homemade garland with a needle and thread and Kix cereal. He’s snacking too!

Artists send holiday wishes to “Blue Christmas” by Elvis in an MTV commercial. The Dillard patriarch cradles his granddaughter in a cozy Christmas scene. Then a choir sings, “Hello, Taco Bell!” in their best Handel impression. A Radio Shack announcer describes an inordinate amount of radio variations and Woolworth shows children playing with toys.

Santa sleds on a Norelco razor top while a woman looks through her Hallmark cards and blushes at the one ‘the hunk’ sent her. A grandpa helps his grandson fall asleep via phone and AT&T’s great service. The Muppets unexpectedly show up with Polaroids as well. Finally an ‘80s robot shills for Toys R Us, Tom Bosley talks tools for Sears, and Pizza Hut reminds us how amazing their pan pizzas are!

Catchy jingles? Check. Cheesy, saccharine messages? Of course. Muppet shenanigans? Definitely! So grab your razor, head to Burger King and enjoy this episode on lesser known ‘80s Christmas commercials!

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Author: Gerry D / Vinnie Brezinsky, Nicholas Pepin
Title: Lesser Known ‘80s Christmas Commercials pt1 (w/ Vinnie and Nicholas)

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