It’s now October, and that means our Christmas podcast will return in about a month! But first, here’s a Halloween treat.

Growing up, I’d spend a lot of time each Halloween season at Kmart, and I always bought whatever Halloween cassettes they had for sale. Most were terrible, aside from a few classics that still remain on my shelf. But this episode features one of my favorites, The Old Gray Goose.

This tape was released in 1999. It features a guy (the Gray Goose) who tells stories and sings songs. Most of the stories were familiar tales that we’d been telling each other for years, but I hadn’t heard a few of these. Overall, it’s just a really cool collection and is something I still listen to every year.

A few years ago, I hooked up a cassette player to my computer to create these files; however, it seems this was also released on CD, so I really should just track that down. This cassette rip is pretty rough. Still, the times I’ve checked, it hasn’t been the easiest thing to find online, so I figured it’d make a cool podcast post, even with the tape noise.

I didn’t record an intro or anything. I figured people may want to play this with family or at a party, and you don’t need my voice on here messing it up. So it’s simply the two sides of the tape. Here’s the track list:

1 Goose Introduction
2 Shipwreck
3 Medical College
4 Oscar, The Lightheaded Pumpkin
5 The Graveyard
6 The Hike
7 The Passing Of David Holt
8 Ride Of Terror
9 The Butcher
10 Emily’s Nightmare
11 39 Steps & The Blue Room
12 Mystery Church
13 Graveyard Song
14 Goose Farewell

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