Minute 64 – Santa 64

Santa finishes learning about Patch’s departure.  Then, back in New York, Patch reappears to see store employees removing all B.Z. Toys from their window display.  Patch misinterprets this as a sign of the popularity of B.Z.’s toys.  The elf then magically disappears much to the confusion of a nearby “wino”.  B.Z. returns to his office to be greeted by Patch.  This is a jam-packed minute!  We meet new characters, prove the A-Team takes place in the same universe as this movie, discover another “lost” elf pun, and much, much more!  Join us as we discuss Minute 64 of Santa Claus: The Movie (1985)!

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Author: santabytheminute
Title: Minute 64 – Santa 64
Santa By the Minute

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