Behind the Bells

“Oh, Christmas Isn’t Just A Day, It’s A Frame Of Mind… And That’s What’s Been Changing. That’s Why I’m Glad I’m Here, Maybe I Can Do Something About It.”

I’m back! And I’ve got an episode that demands the answer to the philosophical question; What is Santa Claus? The original Miracle on 34th Street holds up as a classic for a reason and answers this question.

Learn as I go into my personal definition of Faith, Talk about the guy who came up with the idea, Valentine Davies, How he achieved his dream as a playwright, and how his college acting buddy, George Seaton went from voicing the Lone Ranger to working with the Marx Brothers and getting his break with “The Song of Bernadette”




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Author: Robert Nicholas
Title: Miracle on 34th Street (1947): Part 1: What is Santa, The Faith of Kindness, Valentine Davies and The Lone Ranger Becomes a Writer
Behind the Bells

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