More Book Club News, and The Chimes, part 2 of 8

Hello! Today’s episode is pretty straightforward – we finally have the Cozy Christmas Book Club up and running, so I share all the book club news. If you’re interested in joining please head over the Cozy Christmas Book Club Page on facebook!

Then I finish reading chapter 1 of the Christmas novella The Chimes by Charles Dickens. In the story today, Trotty hears his daughters news, and deals with 3 very unpleasant people who could really use a visit from a Ghost of Christmas… but since this is actually a New Years story, we’ll have to wait and see.

The Cozy Christmas Book Club facebook page:

00:00 All about the Book Club

08:10 Introduction to The Chimes part 2

09:45 The Chimes, Chapter 1, part 2

34:05 Final Thoughts

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Author: ArtK
Title: More Book Club News, and The Chimes, part 2 of 8
A Cozy Christmas'

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