What’s up, dudes?  I pity the fool who misses this episode all about the toughest man in the world! Yes, Bradley Lyndon from Million Monkey Theater joins me to talk all about the team up between Mr. T and Emmanuel Lewis in this wacky 1984 special!

Mr. T stars as Benny, a Salvation Army-style Santa  who meets a young latch-key kid, played by Emmanuel Lewis of TV’s Webster, who seems to have lost his Christmas spirit. Mr. T sets out to change Billy’s mind, taking him around the city to all the touristy must see spots! First up is FAO Schwartz, where    David Copperfield gives him an ‘80s cigarette smoke filled magic lesson. There’s even an Olympic figure skater routine at Rockefeller Center! The duo then proceed to Radio City Music Hall, where Maureen McGovern serenades them with Christmas songs. In typical kid fashion, Webster falls asleep watching a rehearsal and consequently imagines himself as one of the toy soldiers in the Rockettes’ Christmas Show. Oh yeah, he also meets Willie Tyler and his dummy Lester. Naturally, in the big holiday  finale, he’s moved to realize the true meaning of Christmas, before being reunited with his workaholic parents.

This one’s got it all! ‘80s icons? Check. Former variety show stars? Yup. The true meaning of Christmas? As only Mr. T could tell it! So grab your gold chains, pack your trick quarter and cigarettes, and take an incredibly expensive carriage ride to this episode!

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Author: Gerry D / Bradley Lyndon
Title: Mr. T and Emmanuel Lewis in “A Christmas Dream” (w/ Bradley Lyndon)

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