Get ready for a festive literary escapade as we dive into the enchanting world of Carolyn Scott, the creative genius behind the whimsical novella, “When Kris Met Kringle.” 📖✨


Carolyn, renowned author, host, and culinary adventurer from, joins us to unwrap the magic behind her latest creation. 🎄✨ In this merry masterpiece, she takes on the age-old mystery of how Santa met his equally enchanting better half, Mrs. Claus! 🤶❤️


Buckle up for a sleigh ride through the untold love story of Mr. and Mrs. Claus, breaking the mold of the traditional static portrayal of the North Pole’s leading lady. Carolyn infuses Mrs. Claus with life, laughter, and her own set of adventures, making this novella a must-read not just for the holiday season, but anytime you crave a touch of Christmas magic in your life.

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Mrs. Claus’s Origin Story: Interview with Carolyn Scott, author of “When Cris Met Kringle”

Christmas Cousins

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