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The Bugle of ChristmasPodcasts.comAll the world is a-flutter over new Christmas music coming out. And why not? Tis the season starts in a matter of hours after Halloween candy is distributed.

All over social media we’re hearing from fans and Christmas folks alike about stuff from Carrie Underwood, Dolly Parton and the Goo Goo Dolls — among others of the rich and shameless. I suppose it is okay to hype Christmas music from known artists, if that’s your thing.

But that’s not new Christmas music for the most part.

That’s one or two weak, unfamiliar songs that never get remembered mixed with traditional favorites.

Frankly, the “Christmas album” path for many popular artists have traditionally been a way to make a little bank off their name during years of weak touring income. And has there been a bigger freak show than 2020 for music tours?

Now think about the less-than-popular artists or the unknown or indie artists out there. Imagine what 2020 has been like for them.

One of the traditions of my podcast, the Merry Little Podcast, has been a November episode where we feature the new Christmas work of emerging artists.

I wish they would contact me earlier. That’s my only complaint. But usually during the month of October I get a rush of emails from artists and publicists alike looking to get their new Christmas albums and songs some love.

The vast majority of these folks produce really, really good music. I delight in privately hearing their new Christmas releases in advance and then sharing the best of them on our podcast, websites and radio streams.

In your charitable efforts of 2020 – and I know it’s on the mind of everyone during this miserable year – please remember those indie artists out there.

(Well, and those indie podcasts, too, friends).

These people are not making money. They are spreading good cheer through their artistry.

You can give to them simply by listening.

Not many people think a thing of dropping $20 on a new Meghan Trainor Christmas album. That’s fine.

But if you’re truly charitable this year you don’t even have to spend money. Just invest a few minutes in an artist you have never heard of before (then share it!).

Do you know such an artist? Can you share their links and contact information with us? We would love to find them, listen to them and showcase them in our humble little way.

Please contact us now.

On our podcast we’re dropping the new music episode for 2020 on November 14th. But honestly, we always find more than enough to share over the entire season. And we intend to do it.

It’s a great alternative to sending a Christmas card — send a link to something bright and new instead!

In fact, lets show you how it is done. Here is a great new Christmas music offering coming this year that you won’t read about in the shadow of all the media and hype about the Jonas Brothers. And you’re welcome.

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