What’s up, dudes? NES was the greatest thing ever in the ’80s! In fact, it was so great they made a magazine about it! I’ve got Mike Westfall of  Advent Calendar House and Chad Young from Horror Movie BBQ here with me to dive into the memories of the ‘88 and ‘89 November/December issues of the bimonthly Nintendo Power magazine! Beginning in 1988, Nintendo Power was the brainchild of Howard Phillips and Gail Tilden, and was the natural evolution of the Nintendo Fun Club, used as a customer retention marketing tool and sales predictor. Yo, and it worked! From favorites to flops, we get into all of it! Remember Faxanadu? We sort of do. What about Track and Field II? No? Think Olympic button smasher! I know you remember Mega Man II, Super Mario Bros 3, Castlevania, Metroid, and more! There were also polls and articles, contests and cartoons! That’s right! Howard and Nester showed us both sides of gaming and kept us in stitches at the same time! Draw your faves on an envelope or write to a game counselor! Win a trip to Disney or maybe Bill and Ted’s phone booth. Either way leave the power glove, take the control pad! So grab your snacks, get your bean bag chair ready, and marathon this episode!

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Author: Gerry D / Mike Westfall, Chad Young
Title: Nintendo Power (w/ Mike and Chad)

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