S2E8 – Dingy Claus Ruined My Swatch

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S2E8 – Dingy Claus Ruined My Swatch

Jim Reeves’s Twelve Songs of Christmas (1963) and Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983). Also, in our final episode of 2020, Rusty’s daughter Nora makes her debut to talk about polka music, we discuss Christmas stockings, and we read mean tweets about someone named Michael Bubble. Finally, things get a little spooky, as we explore the legends of Frosty the Slaw Man and Dingy Claus. Thanks to everyone who listened this year. We’ll see you in 2021!

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Author: snowinsouthtown@gmail.com (Snow in Southtown Podcast)
Title: S2E8 – Dingy Claus Ruined My Swatch
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