Welcome back dear Christmas Cousins to another sensational episode of the Christmas Cousins podcast! And, wow, we’ve got a special treat in store for you! 🎙️


We’re joined by the one-and-only Patrick from Lifetime Uncorked.

He’s a true expert when it comes to all things Lifetime, and we’ll delve into his journey, his podcast, his day job (if he has one), and his top picks for Lifetime’s upcoming holiday movie lineup.

Our beloved festive freshman, Cousin Seth, is in for a wild ride as Patrick takes him on a whirlwind tour through the whimsical world of Lifetime holiday movies.


It’s going to be a journey full of laughs, surprises, and aha moments. Because, let’s face it, Seth knows about as much about Lifetime’s festive flicks as he does about juggling flaming yule logs!


But that’s what the Christmas Cousins are all about—exploration, discovery, and spreading the holiday cheer.


So, cozy up with some hot cocoa, hang up your mistletoe, and get ready for a show that’ll have you ho-ho-ho-ing with laughter and maybe even picking up a few new holiday favorites along the way.



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Patrick from Lifetime Uncorked: Seth’s First Sip of Lifetime Channel delights with Patrick

Christmas Cousins

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