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Two regular American guys explore other people and cultures through the common holiday experience of Christmas. They enjoy festive movies and music, and look at both of these topics and feature a different country each episode. It’s like a global Christmas party! Bob Baker, of Trout Valley, is an attorney for a Chicago tech company, and Mark Chandler, of Cary, is a vice president for an IT management company. On their podcast, they talk about a different Christmas movie from around the world. They also listen to a song and discuss the holiday customs from each country.

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  • Episode 8: Andĕl Pánĕ (Czech Republic)
    by e_xander on September 25, 2023

    You need to Czech out our latest episode.  It’s heavenly!  We review the 2005 Czech film Andĕl Pánĕ and it is a hellish good time.  This festive fairy […]

  • Episode 7: Anna and the Apocalypse (Scotland)
    by e_xander on September 6, 2023

    Bob and Mark ur hoachin as they tromp through the Scottish moors in kilts and tap shoes tae be tellin eh day’s good craic eh a fever dream – the Christmas […]

  • Episode 6: Mon Oncle Antoine (Canada – Quebec)
    by e_xander on August 25, 2023

    You may be dying to know that for this episode, we dig up Mark’s past — and it’s of grave interest.  Since his dad was the town’s undrtaker, he is […]

  • Episode 5: Listy Do M (Poland)
    by e_xander on August 6, 2023

    What nationality is Santa Claus?  North Polish!  Ha, we are starting this episode’s summary with a (Gran)Dad joke to celebrate the birth of our new […]

  • New 4F Promo!
    by e_xander on July 25, 2023

    Email Address: festivefans@aol.com Festive Foreign Film Fans Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2QIjYWNP1TS0hC2OFeBXqO?si=8791632a966d4f53 Facebook […]

  • Episode 4: Tokyo Godfathers (Japan)
    by e_xander on July 25, 2023

    It’s a colorful challenge, but Mark and Bob are just the two-dimensional, cartoonish guys to tackle this episode’s first animated film Tokyo Godfathers.   […]

  • Episode 3: Rare Exports (Finland)
    by e_xander on July 6, 2023

    This time the boys are off to the unofficial home of Santa Claus — Finland — and boy, what a Santa!  He’s not exactly your jolly old fat man.  Take […]

  • The Tower (South Korea)
    by e_xander on June 25, 2023

    It’s the second episode of Festive Foreign Film Fans.  We have shortened the name to “4F” which is an acronym that we only divulge to our closest […]

  • The New Adventures of Aladdin (France)
    by e_xander on June 6, 2023

    This is our first episode of Festive Foreign Film Fans.  Just the name is a mouthful — imagine what the show is like.  Bob and Mark travel to France to […]

  • Festive Foreign Film Fans Trailer
    by e_xander on April 30, 2023

    This is the trailer for the podcast. Email Address: festivefans@aol.com Festive Foreign Film Fans Playlist: […]

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