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As season change and summer turns into fall- who else gets a tingle in their toes that “Holiday Season” is on the way? Thanksgiving-Halloween-CHRISTMAS-New Year- Valentines Day- St.Patricks Day-Easter. These are the holidays that we live for! Ashley chats nostalgia, family, kids, decor, music and so much more. It’s a place to go to hear the stories of the holidays through the eyes of average people – sharing a bit of the magic – nostalgia and warm and fuzzies behind Christmas and all the other holidays

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  • Fathers Day 2023 and Summertime Catch Up
    by e_xander on July 26, 2023

    Happy Fathers Day, Leon Day, Canada Day, 4th of July and Christmas In July ! We share our fathers day moments with some of the guys from The Christmas Podcast […]

  • Mother’s Day 2023
    by e_xander on May 13, 2023

    Mother’s Day has an interesting history behind it, I did a mini dive into how Mother’s Day came to be. I also invited my mom on to give me her perspective […]

  • Easter 1999
    by e_xander on April 4, 2023

    Spring and Easter is on its way! Join me while I discuss Easter through the eyes of a 9 year old in the 90’s , and I am joined by my friends from The […]

  • March Memories – “And the last of the Irish Rover”
    by e_xander on March 15, 2023

    Episode #3 and this time I have guests! I am joined by Kim from Planning for Christmas and Anthony from Tis the Podcast. We chat about our March memories , how […]

  • Valentines Day- Past and Present
    by e_xander on February 12, 2023

    Valentines Day is one of those holidays… you either like it or you don’t. Let’s get to the history of this mysterious holiday, and how it turned into a […]

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