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The Northpole PodcastAbout this podcast

The Northpole Podcast is a production of North Pole Radio News and the elves at, the longest serving Santa tracker online.

It provides information about Santa Claus, the North Pole and elf life and culture.

To contact the North Pole, please click here.

The information below provides current updates from the North Pole as well as additional contact informatio.

Northpole PodcastHere are the most recent episodes of The Northpole Podcast:
  • Stuff You Don’t Know About Santa
    by Elf Rodrigo Diaz-Lopez on December 12, 2020

    Stuff you don’t know about Santa is the topic of conversation in this special episode of the North Pole Podcast. By request from several teachers and many parents we were asked to do a podcast... read more Stuff You Don’t Know About Santa

  • Things to Know About Reindeer
    by Elf Rodrigo Diaz-Lopez on November 17, 2020

    Reindeer are a special part of Christmas. Santa just could not be Santa without them. But what do you really know about reindeer? With the late arrival of the reindeer to the North Pole in... read more Things to Know About Reindeer

Santa has been tracking Santa from the North Pole online since 1991 – making it the old Santa tracker on the Internet. This merry tradition is presented commercial-free in a family friendly environment and enjoys fans all around the world. The site operates year round.

Recent North Pole News from Santa Update:

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North Pole Flight CommandRecent Santa Tracking News from North Pole Flight Command:

  • North Pole Navy Tests Santa’s Sleigh
    by Elf Meg Nogg

    The North Pole Navy is in the Pacific and performing test flights of Santa’s sleigh. This is a routine exercise designed to see how well Santa’s sleigh can work under the direction of the Navy and to practice take-offs and landings on Navy vessels. “Not a lot of people know the North Pole even has

  • 75 Days Until Santa’s Launch
    by Elf Meg Nogg

    There are just 75 days now until Santa’s launch. Santa’s sleigh continues test flights over Sector 1 at this time. All reports from Flight Command indicate the sleigh is on track for on-time delivery. Flight engineers remain hopeful on the possibility of a new speed record to be set by Santa and his sleigh this

Other associated Official North Pole Websites:
Elf HQ Jingle Kringle
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