Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Round Up - July 17th through July 30th 2021

These are the new episodes that dropped the weeks of July 17th through the 30th.

The Total Christmas Podcast – July 17th“Little Drummer Boy.”

The Sounds of Christmas Podcast – July 17th“Live Aid Anniversary and Do They Know It’s Christmas.”

Christmas Podding Podcast – July 18th“Is There an Official Christmas Dress Code or Does Anything Go?”

Advent Calendar House Podcast – July 18th“Dinosaurs: Refrigerator Day.”

Tis the Podcast – July 19th“The Way I See it, You Can Divide the World Up into Two Kinds of People: Those Who Like Fruitcake and the Rest of Us. (Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer)”

Holly Jolly X’masu Podcast – July 19th“Ryoko Moriyama’s ‘Christmas Hymnbook II’.”

TGI Podcast – July 19th“Scrubs – My Own Personal Jesus.”

Advent Calendar House – July 20th“A Thanksgiving Tale.”

Santa by the Minute Podcast – July 21st“Minute 67 – A Horse in a Hoop Skirt.”

The Sleigh Bells & Mistletoe Christmas Podcast – July 21st“The Christmas Card Exchange.”

Tis the Podcast – July 22nd“’Another Christmas Story’ – Chapter Twenty-Five – My Grown-Up Christmas List – As Read by Lauren Simone.”

Advent Calendar House – July 22nd“A Flintstone Christmas.”

A Cozy Christmas Podcast – July 22nd“The Christmas Hirelings, Part 3, Ch. 5-6, by Mary Elizabeth Braddon.”

12 Days Pod – July 23rd“It’s Christmas in July, Season One Recap.”

Tinsel Tunes Podcast – July 24th“Up on the Housetop.”

Holly Jolly X’masu Podcast – July 24th“Christmas in July 2021.”

Season’s Eating Podcast – July 24th“Candy Canes.”

Merry Britsmas Podcast – July 25th“A Sunny Summer Camp Benidorn Xmas.”

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast – July 25th“Scrooged.”

Yuletide TV Podcast – July 25th“Dash & Lily (Christmas in July Special, Part 2)”

Tis the Podcast – July 25th“It’s American Idol and Casual Libel Night on ‘Tis the Podcast.’ (Christmas in July Bonus Episode – 2021)”

Totally Rad Christmas Podcast – July 25th“Inaugural Totally Rad Christmas Awards.”

A Cozy Christmas Podcast – July 25th“Christmas is Something That’s Gotta be Shared (Special Guest Bill from the Village Collector)”

Tis the Podcast – July 25th“It’s Hard to Soar with Eagles When You Work with Turkeys. (It’s a Very Muppets Christmas Movie)”

Behind the Bells Podcast – July 26th“The Ref Part 2: Jerry Bruckheimer, From an A#####e to Actor, Alternate Ending and Almost Cult Status.”

Christmas Clatter Podcast – July 27th – “Hey, Slurpee-Head!”

Santa by the Minute Podcast – July 28th“Minute 68 – FOR FREE?!”

Jingle Jank Podcast – July 28th“Christmas Songs About Animals.”

Holly Jolly X’Masu Podcast – July 29th“Ryoko Moriyama’s ‘The Christmas Album – Greetings from Ryoko Moriyama.”

A Cozy Christmas Podcast – July 29th“The Christmas Hirelings by Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Part 4, Chapter 7.”

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