Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Roundup - June 12th through July 2nd 2021

New Podcast added this week: Behind the Bells Podcast.  Join Robert Nicholas, your expert film scholar, as he takes you on a one-horse open sleigh ride into the world of Christmas movies. He’ll go into a deep dive into your favorite holiday classics and what impact they had on the season. Not your typical movie review podcast as he brings info from behind the scenes of these holiday favorites.

These are the new episodes that dropped the weeks of June 12th through the 25th.

Behind the Bells Podcast – June 14th“Mickey’s Christmas Carol Part 1: Decline of Animation, Burny Mattinson’s Rise and the Return of Mickey.”

The Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe Christmas Podcast – June 14th“Vintage Candy Containers.”

Christmas Clatter Podcast – June 15th“When I Was in Jail You Visited Me.”

Tis the Podcast – June 15th“Christmas Movie Commentaries Preview – Elf!”

Santa by the Minute Podcast – June 16th“Minute 62 – The Lithgow Show.”

Tis the Podcast – June 17th“’Another Christmas Story’ – Chapter Twenty – Silver Bells – As Read by Steven Beech of ‘Uplifting House Sessions.’”

The Total Christmas Podcast – June 19th“Babushka and the 3 Kings.”

Sounds of Christmas Podcast – June 19th – “Paul Barrere, Safety Harbor Kids and Sweet Relief.”

Christmas Podding Podcast – June 20th – “How to React When You Receive Unexpected Christmas Gifts.”

Totally Rad Christmas Podcast – June 21st“The Polar Express (w/ Marty Achatz)”

A Cozy Christmas Podcast – June 21st“A Cozy Christmas Horn of Plenty.”

Tis the Podcast – June 21st“In the Spirit of Christmas, I Think We Should Give Them a Nice, Wrapped Box of Payback (Christmas in Wonderland)”

The Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe Christmas Podcast – June 23rd“Season’s Eatings.”

Santa by the Minute Podcast – June 23rd“Minute 63 – Cancel My Subscription.”

Snow in Southtown Podcast – June 23rd“Leon Day 2021.”

NetfliXmas Podcast – June 23rd“Always Be My Maybe – Catching Up.”

Jingle Jank Podcast – June 24th“Who Sang it Better? Round 2 (w/ Jack Ford)”

Tis the Podcast – June 24th“’Another Christmas Story’ – Chapter Twenty-One – Sleigh Ride – As Read by Anthony Caruso.”

Season’s Eatings Podcast – June 25th“Hallacas”

TGI Podcast – June 25th – “Home Improvement: ‘Twas the Blight Before Christmas.”

Merry Britsmas Podcast – June 25th“Inbetween A Wombling Merry Christmas.”

Tis the Podcast – June 25th“Just Sing a Christmas Song, and Keep on Singing All Season Long. (Elf: Buddy’s Musical Christmas)”

Can’t Wait for Christmas Podcast – June 25th“The Cards That Saved Christmas.”

Yuletide TV Podcast – June 25th“Dash & Lily (Christmas in July Special, Part 1)”

Christmas Time in the City Podcast – June 26th“How YOU Doin’? with Sean from the Christmas Podcasts Podcast.”

Sounds of Christmas Podcast – June 27th – “Jeff from My Merry Christmas on Christmas in July Events.”

Behind the Bells Podcast – June 28th“Mickey’s Christmas Carol Part 2: Team of Animators, Getting Donald Back, Beating the Smurfs and TV Airings.”

The Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe Christmas Podcast – June 28th“xTreme Sequences.”

Christmas Clatter Podcast – June 29th“You Would’ve Been on the Santa Dad Podcast.”

A Cozy Christmas Podcast – June 30th“The Hallmark Movie Channel (or How I Fell in Love with Lacy Chabert) with Special Guest Rachel McMillan.”

Santa by the Minute Podcast – June 30th“Minute 64 – Santa 64.”

Holly Jolly X’Masu Podcast – June 30th“Ryoko’s Christmas.”

Advent Calendar House Podcast – June 30th – “A Chipmunk Christmas.”

Tis the Podcast – July 1st“’Another Christmas Story’ – Chapter 22 – Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer – As Read by Jay Skipworth of ‘Filmstrip Podcast.’”

Snow in Southtown Podcast – July 2nd“Something Weird: Season Two Compilation.”

Advent Calendar House Podcast – July 2nd“A Cosmic Christmas.”

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