Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Roundup - Week of January 2nd-8th 2021

Tis the Podcast – Dec 28th – “On Lawn Chari! On Badminton! Up, Up and Away!”

NetfliXmas Podcast – Dec 28th – “El Camino Christmas – We Miss Letterkenny.

A Cozy Christmas Podcast – Dec 28th – “A Cozy Christmas Clatter with Guest Todd Killian.”

NetfliXmas Podcast – Dec 30th – “Just Another Christmas, feat. Jessica Leath – Crying in a Bowl of Time Loops.”

Santa by the Minute Podcast – Dec 30th – “Minute 40 – Very Passionate Discussion About a Magical Snow Globe.” 

Christmas Podding Podcast – Dec 30th – “Season Final. What You MUST Start Doing Today to Make Christmas 2021 the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER.”

Holly Jolly X’masu Podcast – Dec 31st – “Mistaken Identity.

Jingle Jank Podcast – Jan 3rd – “Sellout Christmas Songs.”

Tis the Podcast – Jan 4th – “You Sound Sweet, But You Don’t Make Sense. (Holiday Inn)”

NetfliXmas Podcast – Jan 4th – “Midnight  at the Magnolia, feat. Taylor Wallace-Riegel – Why Does Everyone Assume People Hate Jazz Now?”

TGI Podcast – Jan 5th – “Everybody Love Raymond: Snow Day.”

NetfliXmas Podcast – Jan 6th – “The Prom, feat. Marcia Andrea – Are the Two Hours Worth It?”

Santa by the Minute Podcast – Jan 6th – “Minute 41 – Appreciating a Good Doily (ft. Carrie Kei Heim)” 

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