Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Christmas Podcasts Podcast
Chrsitmas Podcast Roundup - October 9th through October 15th, 2021

These are the new episodes that dropped the week of October 9th through 15th.

The Total Christmas Podcast – October 9th“Bonfires on the Levee.”

The Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe Christmas Podcast – October 10th“Christmas Destinations: Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade.”

Season’s Eatings Podcast – October 10th“Side Dish – Macaroni and Cheese.”

Christmas Podding Podcast – October 10th“How to Hijack Christmas and Make it All About You.”

Sounds of Christmas Podcast – October 10th“Rock by the Sea Christmas.”

Holly Jolly X’masu Podcast – October 10th“Columbia All Stars ‘Christmas Young Party.”

Tis the Podcast – October 11th“What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie? (Scream)”

Totally Rad Christmas Podcast – October 11th“Batman ’89 and Batman Returns (w/Thom, Anthony, Manny, Joe, CJ and CM Chuck)”

TGI Podcast – October 12th“Family Matters: Dog Day Halloween.”

Tis the Podcast – October 12th“’Another Christmas Story’ – Chapter Thirty-Six – Happy Xmas (War is Over) – As Read by Matt Spaulding of ‘2 Broke Geeks,’ ‘The FBI’s Most Unwanted’ and ‘Green Mountain Santa.’”

The Merry Little Podcast – October 12th“Christmas of the 20th Century – Part 3.”

Christmas Clatter Podcast – October 13th“And I Love Hallmark Christmas Movies.”

Santa by the Minute Podcast – October 13th“Santa’s Lost Minute.”

Tis the Podcast – October 14th“’Another Christmas Story’ – Chapter Thirty-Seven – Fairytale of New York – As Read by Kim Cooper of ‘Planning for Christmas’ and Thom Crowe.”

Totally Rad Christmas Podcast – October 14th“Halloween Episode 2021 pt 2 – A Nightmare on Elm Street (w/ Matt McGrath)”

12 Days Pod – October 15th“Home Alone 2: Too Many Pigeons.”

12 Days Pod – October 15th“Die Hard? More Like Live Soft.”

12 Days Pod – October 15th“Merry and Bright, White Christmas Sure is White.”

The Sleigh Bells and Mistletoe Christmas Podcast – October 15th – “Scary Ghost Stories.”

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